Why you should book a private Zurich airport transfer instead public transportation
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Why you should book a private Zurich airport transfer instead public transportation

Why you should book a private Zurich airport transfer instead public transportation

Zurich is a wonderful place to visit. It is also driving distance from some of the most iconic locations in Switzerland and the surrounding areas. Millions of visitors every year come to Zurich for its food, culture, and people. They may also be there to visit any of the many nearby ski resorts and summer getaways, including:

But before you can visit any of these local popular locations, you first have to get off the plane and arrange for transportation. It may be time to think about booking a private Zurich airport transfer, and skipping out on public transportation.

Benefits of Private Airport Transportation from ZRH

Switzerland Car Service offers private cars that are considered luxury quality. These vehicles are used as limousines for VIPs, as well as corporate and recreational transportation. The number one reason people love this type of luxury private airport transportation in Zurich is because it is a far more enjoyable travel experience. Private car services are more than luxury. They solve problems.

You receive:

  • Faster Trip – It takes at least 33% less time to travel via private car than it does most trains and public transportation. We’re also there when you arrive, so you don’t have to wait for the next train or taxi.
  • Room for Any Size Group – Our luxury private cars fit as few as 2 or as many as 15 people. We also have vehicles with plenty of room for luggage, including skis. This makes it easy to coordinate and make sure you all get to spend time together.
  • Privacy – Public transportation often has no privacy. You are cramped with other travelers, and you may not even be able to find a seat depending on the type of transport.
  • Lower Costs – Though the cost of transportation varies, your own private chauffer car service tends to cost less than renting a car for your trip. It is also less risky, as we can navigate the complicated streets in Switzerland.
  • Personalized Service – Trains, shuttles, and uber do not make it easy to change your trip mid-travel. Decide you want to eat or use the bathroom on your way? Maybe you’d like drinks in the car. Maybe you see something and you’d like to stop and check it out. Public transportation doesn’t offer the ability to personalize your trip.
  • Experienced Driver – Finally, chances are you do not have driving experience in Switzerland. While there are a lot of great drivers, navigating complex terrain – especially if you’re going to a mountain or ski resort – is stressful. It is better to leave it to the experts.

These are only a few of the many different reasons that someone might want to choose Switzerland Car Service, rather than consider other forms of transportation. Make your trip to your hotel something that you’re looking forward to. Contact Switzerland Car Service, today.

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