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SKI Transfers From Zurich Airport


Thinking about how to get to the desired location after landing at Zurich airport? SKI transfer services make your journey to the destination smooth and comfortable on a luxurious transport. The drivers are well experienced and aware of the quickest routes, so they can help you to get to the desired destination on time. However, the SKI transfers from Zurich airport service is available in different categories depending on the number of persons, luggage and other preferences.

Within an affordable range that can take you to many SKI resorts, whether they are located nearby or at a distant place from Zurich, Switzerland. Choose your SKI resort option like St, Moritz, Cans Montana, or Swiss Alps and go there without the hassle of putting extra effort into finding bus and train stations to get to the address with your luggage. Our service is exquisite, unique and available all the time. While you can book your ride through the app or website and pay through some transparent methods.

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Zurich airport, also named kloten, is based in Central Switzerland. There are several ways of transfer from Zurich airport Switzerland to SKI resorts and other destinations like Italian and Austrian places. Some handy transfer options are available for your SKI day trip from Zurich, like bus routes, trains, and private cars. For public transport, the service of the SBB train station is available in the center of Zurich Airport, and you can go to several SKI resorts near Zurich. Train service mainly takes you to destinations like Davos Klosters, Arosa, Andermatt, etc. But if you change train in Zurich city center, you can also move to several other places far away.

However, the Zurich airport transfer service also involves private SKI transfers direct from the airport to your hotel at the SKI resort, which is a feasible option for many travelers during vacation. If you plan to travel by road from Zurich airport to certain major SKI resorts, then it will take about 1.5 hours. So booking a private transfer from Zurich airport for a direct and quick transfer would be the most convenient and viable option. The private transfer will probably take 2.5 hours to reach distant SKI resorts from Zurich airport, saving your time and offering comfort without the extra hustle. Book SKI transfers from Zurich airport after completing your research and according to your needs.

SKI Transfers From Zurich Airpor


These are some available transfer booking options depending on the number of passengers, pieces of baggage and affordability.

  • Ride: Ideal choice for up to 3 passengers and 2 pieces of baggage on vehicles like Toyota Corolla, VW Golf.
  • First Class: For up to 3 passengers and 2 pieces of baggage on vehicles like BMW 7 Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class.
  • Ride XL: For up to 5 passengers and 4 pieces of baggage on vehicles like VW Multivan, Mercedes-Benz Vito.
  • Business XL: For up to 6 passengers and 4 pieces of baggage on vehicles like Mercedes-Benz V-Class.

Tips For Zurich SKI Transfer Travel

If you are planning a holiday, then Zurich, Switzerland SKIING would be an ideal choice to go with. It is recommended to book in advance for to and fro moments through the Zurich airport transfer operators if you are in the group. You can choose different travel means according to your liking, but if you want to save the day and are not ready to put in the extra effort, booking a private transfer from Zurich airport is the best option. You will enjoy your holidays without worrying about getting to the bus station late.

Private SKI Transfer To And From Zurich Airport

To make your traveling experience a lot more convenient and comfortable, you can book a private SKI transfer service at an affordable price. Because of the private transfer from Zurich airport, you will have a reliable luxury travel experience.

A variety of cars like sedans, Ford, limousines, vans, and minivans are available at an affordable price, making the Zurich airport transfer service worth it. Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, the Zurich airport private transfer service has your back.

Shared SKI Transfer To And From Zurich Airport:

To get to your SKI resort from Zurich airport, you can also opt for the shared SKI transfer service, which is very convenient for many reasons. You will be sharing the vehicle with others going to the same destination or SKI resort and you will get to save money. Moreover, there’s a possibility that you may get along with strangers very well while traveling, and what could be better than good company if you are alone? The plus point is that this is a cost-effective way of reaching your desired destiny, like SKI resorts near Zurich airport.

Method To Book A SKI Vehicle Transfer:

Select the contact option according to your preference, and then the first thing you are required to do is dial the given phone number or email the required details related to your pickup and drop-off. You can make a legit booking for SKI transfers from Zurich airport by doing all these easy steps.

How Does Zurich Airport Transfer Work?

The airport transfer service is seamless and very easy to use. The driver of the car that you have booked will meet you in the arrivals area of Zurich Airport after you make a simple online reservation from airport transfer Zurich. You’ll get an email confirmation of your reservation instantly.

A text will be sent to you the day before your flight is scheduled to leave about the time related to your return from the SKI resort. In addition to any information you might require, this message will confirm your precise pickup time. During the day, you leave SKI day trip from Zurich. Approximately two hours before your flight, we will pick you up and try to bring you to the airport.

Why Zurich Airport Transfer To SKI Resorts?

There are several reasons why you should book for Zurich airport to SKI resorts because:

  • It’s an affordable option as compared to other transport facilities.
  • The driver will be at the airport before your arrival to pick you up.
  • There is a door-to-door service so you will be taken directly to your accommodation.
  • Reservations for transfers from Zurich airport are secure because payments are made through PayPal.
  • SKI Transfer from Zurich is constantly confirmed in no time.
  • SKI Lifts instantly provides the best SKI transfer value and price.
  • Free SKI and snowboard equipment are also available to make your holidays enjoyable.
  • Child seats, SKIs, and snowboards are also available sometimes for free!
  • If you plan to cancel the ride and do that a day before, then there will be no amount deduction.

Airport To ASKI Resort

The Zurich airport is close to many famous SKI resorts in Switzerland and nearby countries. To reach different destinations like Wanton and St Anton, it takes about 2.5 hours. Transferring from Zurich airport to St Moritz and Solden takes about 3.5 hours. The transport facility involves all types of cars, vans, and coaches. If you are a solo traveler or want to enjoy the company of groups, every kind of transport facility is available according to your preference.

SKI Resorts To The Airport:

You can even hire the service back to the airport after enjoying in Zurich. The transport service will inform you about the departure time a day before your check out from the resort. On the day of departure, you will be picked up from the resort and taken back to the airport. The company will ensure that you reach the airport 2 hours before the flight so you can board your flight on time.


a. What time of year is ideal for SKIing in Switzerland?

If you are planning snow sports, then you know that Switzerland is famous for its powdery snow where you can enjoy snowboarding. On the other hand, the high-elevation slopes are usually open in November and shut down in April. Moreover, if you are planning to hike because Switzerland is famous for trekking also then wait till the snow melts down.

b. Can you SKI from Zurich?

Yes, the Zurich airport is located close to many of the famous SKI resorts in Switzerland. With unlimited flights and direct access to all the nearby SKI locations, you can definitely enjoy a SKI day trip from Zurich. Pack your bags and hop on to the plan where you will reach the most luxurious and fantastic SKI resorts with the availability of SKI transfer service.

c. Where can I find my airport transfer at the airport?

After landing and collecting your luggage when you make your way through to the airport entrance area, you will see our representative waiting for you there. He will guide you there and will lead you to your ride. The ride will take you to your destination and drop you at the exact location. Sometimes the drop-off can be to a place nearby your location for a few reasons like vehicle size or pedestrianized area. But you will be informed about this in advance.

d. What are Zurich airport SKI transfer prices?

The prices for SKI transfer from Zurich airport are very reasonable. The cost covers all the expenses related to the transfer, including tax and you should not be worried about the unpleasant surprises or extra hidden charges. The payment method is very easy; you can pay online or in cash after getting the services. If you want to make an advance payment, then we will email you a secure link where you can pay through your credit card easily without the hassle.



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