Zurich Private Driver for any Occasion

Hire a private driver in Zurich for business trips, day tours or for your leisure travel needs.


  • Private transfers
  • Car and driver at your disposal
  • Tours and day trips

Zurich Business Chauffeur Service for Corporate Travel

You are on your way to Zurich, let Switzerland Car Service pick you up at your desired location and enjoy the advantages of a private driver service. No matter if you are travelling with a small group up to 7 people or less, with us you can rent your preferred vehicle that suits all your business and leisure travel needs.

Private Driver Rental in Zurich for Airport Transfers

Zurich is filled with options for public transportation. But here, often more than many other countries in Europe, you should consider hiring a private driver at Zurich airport to help you with your entire travel experience. At Switzerland Car Service, we provide private transportation or groups of all sizes, with a variety of vehicle options both standard and luxury to make sure that you have a great trip.

Why Consider a Private Driver?

From Zurich Airport, you are always able to rent your own car. But car rentals in Switzerland are extremely expensive – often between 150 to 500 CHF per day (about $175 to $600 USD). In addition, renting a car comes with many setbacks and limitations:

  • You won’t have access to online maps unless your phone as a Swiss data plan.
  • You won’t be able to leave Switzerland to visit Germany, France, and more.
  • You will have to pay a considerable amount in gas – up to $6.00 per gallon USD.
  • You will have to be familiar with Swiss driving laws.
  • You will have to do all the research and planning yourself, including where to park.
  • You will always have to have a driver that is safe to drive.

Not only is it expensive, but it is inconvenient and will likely hurt your ability to enjoy Zurich or get to each destination efficiently.

But with a private driver and Zurich Airport car service, none of those challenges exist. Our private drivers know the city thoroughly, and will be able to take you to your destinations either from memory or using GPS. We are allowed to take you out of the country, so if you’d like to go to France, Germany, Italy, or Liechtenstein, we can take you without issue. You only pay for the gas you need (with us driving more efficiently along the way), and we know how to drive safely within the city.

We’ll cover parking. We can wait for you wherever you are. We can even provide you with feedback if you like, letting you know where the best places are to eat or see the sights. You can even enjoy a party if you like, without worrying about a designated driver to take you to your next destination.

Airport Transfers and More with your Private Driver to and from Zurich Airport

Perhaps you only need a private driver at Zurich airport to get to your first destination. We are happy to provide you with transfer services. We’ll pick you up from the airport, take you to your hotel, help you with your bags, and let you be on your way. Our airport transfer services are highly affordable, comparable to many other forms of transportation.

But of course, we’re also here to make sure that you have a great time. If you want a private driver for any other part of your trip, we’ll be there too.

Private Driver Zurich Airport – Affordable and Available to Book Now

We are one of the only Swiss companies that also lets you book now and pay your driver later, so you are welcome to send us your information and your dates, and we’ll provide you with a quote for our services and schedule you in for pickup. We have a large fleet of different vehicles, including luxury options, and are available for many different sized groups.

If you are ready to book your trip, all you need to do is contact us today and we’ll schedule you in. Let us know if you have any custom requests as well, and we will be happy to give them to you.