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Taxi From Zurich Airport to Ischgl

  • Transfer Time 2 hours 45 minutes
  • Total distance in kilometers 234
  • Official Zurich taxi fare per transfer Chf 1260
  • OUR TOTAL PRICE per way and car in Chf 690

Zurich Airport to Ischgl by Switzerland Car Service is a private one way transportation offer with a limousine or a van up to 6 people. Guaranteed premium Mercedes Benz cars & dedicated drivers.

All in One Transfer, Any Time and Any Day

Private Zurich airport transfers/ transportation to Ischgl can be booked by taxi, limousine service, private car service or private shuttle service. The difference between this Zurich airport offers are the cars and the type of service. Doesn’t matter if you need  airport transportation with skis, wheelchair, lots of luggage, child car seat, infant seat, booster, dog, music or video equipment, at Switzerland Car Service you get the best value:

Route on Google Maps

There are 2 transportation options to travel from Zurich airport to Ischgl or from Ischgl to Zurich airport. One of the options is by car (car rental, taxi & private transfer with limousine, minivan & minibus) and the other option by public transportation with the train.

Book with Switzerland Car Service and get the Best Service

Switzerland Car Service offers a professional private transfer from Zurich Airport to St. Ischgl at a cheaper price than the official taxi fare. Up to 6 people, no extra charges for extra passengers.

Taxi From Zurich Airport to Ischgl
Taxi From Zurich Airport to Ischgl

Zurich Airport to Ischgl Distance is 234 kilomters (145 miles) and it takes approximately 2 h 45 min. Book with Switzerland Car Service and enjoy a comfortable private Zurich airport transfer.

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Taxi fare from Zurich Airport to Ischgl Chf 690

  • Fare per vehicle
  • Max. 7 passengers
  • No hidden fees
  • All inclusive price
  • Book now and pay your driver

Driving Time and Distance from Zurich Airport to Ischgl

Zurich Airport to Ischgl

Why choose our Car Service

  • Your driver will meet you after the customs in the arrivals holding your name plate
  • No need to figure out which train or bus you have to take to reach Ischgl
  • The car is only reserved for you, no shared transfer
  • Comfortable and clean vehicles
  • Fixed price without any hidden fees (no extra charges)
  • No surcharges for extra passengers
  • You can book our Zurich airport car service now and pay your driver at the drop off location
  • Your driver will check your flight arrival online, you don`t have to pay for delays

Zurich Airport Transfer to Ischgl – Private & Affordable

Taxi From Zurich Airport to Ischgl
Taxi From Zurich Airport to Ischgl

The vehicle is only reserved for you, no shared transportation. We offer the private airport transfer Zurich to or from Ischgl at a very affordable rate for max 7 people. You pay per car not per person and the good thing is, you can book now and pay after the airport transfer in the car to the driver. Your private airport transfer Zurich to Ischgl starts in the arrival hall, your chauffeur will be in the arrivals holding your name plate and will take care about your luggage. Of course after the booking you will receive your drivers cell phone nr. in case it takes much longer to get to the exit or if you don’t find your driver, so you can call him anytime.

Zurich Airport Transfer to Ischgl – No Costs for Delays

It can happen that your flight arrives later than expected or maybe earlier, your driver will check your flight online so you don’t have to do anything. Just relax and look forward to your comfortable pick up and airport transfer from Zurich airport to Ischgl.


Switzerland car service provides affordable transportation services from Ischgl to the nearby airports and otherwise to the most significant locations in the neighbourhood. When traveling at Zurich airport to Ischgl transfer, passengers may directly reserve private transport or shuttle services for those who need to go online.

Please make an appointment with the ATS office if you cannot discover the information you’re looking for. You can count on us to provide a high-quality, dependable, and on-time taxi service whenever you hire one from Ischgl.

 On the way back, ATS will pick you up from the airport & drive you in total comfort to Ischgl. We offer 24-hour customer service in English, French, & Italian.

Transfers to and from Ischgl from Zurich Airport

Zurich airport to Ischgl transfer approximately takes 2 hours 45 minutes, although this can vary significantly based on when and how you’re travelling. Ischgl is one of Austria’s most well-known winter vacation destinations; if traveling during the high season, plan on dealing with the usual challenges and delays.

We always ensure your Zurich Ischgl transfer is easy, enjoyable, & comfortable. To reduce your travel processes and achieve more time just on the slopes, we strongly advise travelling during the week.

During the Route

You are not required to leave immediately for your destination. Stop, go outside, and stretch a little bit; we’ll be happy to oblige. While travelling to Ischgl, there are numerous supermarkets. Get to have a coffee and select some food for the trip if you become primarily hungry on the way to a resort.Taxi From Zurich Airport to Ischgl.

 It so happens that items purchased on the route to Ischgl are less expensive than those inside the resort regarding transportation and food necessities. Zurich to Ischgl transfer is positioned directly at the Swiss-Austrian border.

Despite being on the Austrian side, the Ischgl ski resort allows you to ski in both nations. The world-famous Top of something like the Mountain event takes place in May to cap off the ski season, which begins with a rock concert in December.

How to get there

Zurich airport to Ischgl transfer transportation options includes train, vehicle, and Towncar. In the travel planner provided by Switzerland car service, choose an option from the list below to view detailed instructions and compare ticket costs and journey times.

  • Train: Travel 4 hours and 13 minutes by train from Zuerich Hb to St. Anton Am Arlberg ($$$ – $$$).
  • Train via Buchs; Take the train in 5 hours and 20 minutes from Zürich Airport to Buchs SG ($$ – $$$).
  • Drive: It will take 2h 39m to drive between Zurich to Ischgl ($$ – $$).
  • Town vehicle: Take a town car (2 hours, 39 minutes, $$$) from Zurich Airport to Ischgl.

Exciting Satisfactory travel with us

  • Greet each other

    • No matter what, the driver will arrive in time to meet you. With such a nameplate, one of our drivers would pick you up from the airport. Ischgl to Zurich to give you a warm welcome!
  • Premium Vehicles

    • We only provide transfers using current, high-quality vehicles. Lean back and relax while riding in our newest Mercedes-Benz vehicles for excellent comfort and safety. Our bilingual, highly educated drivers would be pleased to provide you with local knowledge.
  • Value

    • Experience a premium Ischgl transfer at a shockingly affordable cost. Baby and child seats, among other amenities, are all included in our rates. No unforeseen fees!
  • Only private transfers

    • Customized private transfers with the greatest service are available from Transfers Austria in modern vehicles. We want you to have a relaxing, tranquil, and discreet trip with us because we know how stressful work and daily life may be.
  • Speedy

    • We’ll deliver you to your destination fast without any lines or delays. Our top priority is being on time. We consistently pick up all clients on time so that you can depend on us!
  • Door-to-Door

  • We’ll transport you right to the front door of your hotel, providing your entire piece of mind. When you give us the addresses for your preferred pick-up and drop-off, our driver will accompany you door to door.

Purchase from us

If you need a private or transfer service departing Zurich Airport, ATS will offer a transfer service that is affordable, dependable, on time, & safe. Taxi From Zurich Airport to Ischgl. Our Zurich airport to Ischgl transfer services will offer you transportation from the Zurich Airport to Ischgl or to nearby locations. We offer 24-hour service to customers in English, French, and Italian.

  • Good standing No credit card fees
  • Tolls were paid
  • No cost cancellation
  • Qualified drivers

Travel car options

Best Price Comfort Limousine (Mercedes E-Class) 4×4

  • 3 people most per car
  • Approximately 234 kilometres; Approximately 170 minutes
  • With no credit card costs
  • Time Waiting Is Free
  • Service of Meet & Greet

 Mercedes Vito Comfort Van with 4×4

  • For households
  • Maximum 8 people per car
  • 234 kilometres is the guessed distance.
  • Time estimate: 170 minutes
  • With no credit card costs
  • Time Waiting Is Free
  • Service of Meet & Greet

VIP Bus (Mercedes V-Class) Max 8 people per car for 4×4 Special

  • 234 kilometres is the guessed distance.
  • Time estimate: 170 minutes
  • With no credit card costs
  • Time Waiting Is Free
  • Service of Meet & Greet

Order Your Ischgl to Zurich Transfer

Door-to-door information, as well as booking services for travel to and from any point in the world, is provided by Switzerland car service. Here, you can find all your transportation choices for getting from Zurich airport to Ischgl transfer.

Plan your transfer right away! You can do this by filling out our online booking form or contacting us by phone or email. Online reservations can be made in less than five minutes, and then we’ll confirm them immediately. Very simple and uncomplicated! Please don’t hesitate to talk to us if your preferred service or location isn’t offered; we’ll do all our best to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

a. How can I travel to Ischgl?

International airports in Innsbruck, Zurich, or Munich are the most convenient ways to travel to Ischgl. Innsbruck, Zurich, and the trip by car take roughly one hour and fifteen minutes, two hours, & three hours, respectively (Munich). You could also travel by train to Landeck followed by a bus or a taxi to Ischgl.

b. What travel limitations exist in Ischgl?

Domestic travel is not prohibited; however, there might be some restrictions.

  • Masks for the face are advised.
  • There is a one-meter social distance restriction.
  • There aren’t any limitations right now.

 c. Will I be taken immediately to my Ischgl lodging?

You’ll be taken to the Zurich airport to Ischgl transfer address listed in your reservation by our driver. Allow our driver to drop you off directly in front of the doors of your Ischgl lodging. When it’s time to head home, a professional driver will be there to meet you at the hotel’s front desk.

d. Why should cab rides be any different than riding in a crowded bus with strangers?

For this reason, we only provide private transfers that are discreet and comfortable.

e. How can i reserve a pick up at the Zurich airport?

You can book via contact form, WhatsApp, phone call or via email.

f. Is this a fixed price of Chf 690 for the transfer from Zurich airport to Ischgl?

Yes, this is a fixed price without any other extra charges.

g. How will i find my driver at the airport?

The driver will meet you inside the arrivals hall holding a sign with your name.

h. How can i pay my transfer from Zurich airport to Ischgl?

You can pay your taxi from Zurich airport to Ischgl with credit card or cash.

i. Will i get a receipt after the transfer from Zurich airport to Ischgl in Austria?

Sure, just ask for a receipt.

j. What if i have to cancel my booking?

If you cancel 24 hours prior to the pick up time, no cancellation fees.

k. Does my driver speaks English?

Sure, all of our drivers.

l. Can i choose another pick up location and will the price be the same?

Yes, that is the good thing, you can choose any pick up location at the Zurich airport or in the Zurich city and it will be the same price Chf 690.

Don’t wait and book your airport or city transfer from Zurich to Ischgl right now.

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