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Corporate Executive E Class Zurich

A lot of entrepreneurs, business moguls, and top industry leaders love the idea of using our executive Mercedes E class hire Zurich service.

Are you wondering what’s so special about this service that makes it the ideal choice for the sophisticated audience? Then you need to read up this guide. Here, we will share why the corporate Mercedes e class limousine service zurich.

Pros of Using our Corporate Mercedes E Class hire in Zurich airport


First, for such an audience, it’s quite affordable. Our corporate Mercedes E class hire Zurich service comes with two plans. These are the hourly rental and the full day hire plan. Both plans are within the usual financial budgets.


They are also perfect for group events and individuals. This transportation service simply doesn’t have any witnesses. Our rates and prices are just right.

Airport Transfers

Our corporate Mercedes E class hire Zurich service comes with airport transfers. Once you land in Zurich, a chauffeured shuttle will be waiting to take you to your destination.

Your driver is a professional and will ensure that your chauffeured driven car is to your taste. Of course, if you have any instructions, they will be glad to follow as directed. We also offer ski transfers to our clients.

Beautiful Cars

It all starts with the cars. Our Mercedes fleet of cars starts with the Mercedes E class sedan. That car is completely gorgeous. However, it doesn’t stop there. Other cars are equally as exciting. This includes

These cars are available for any event you are going to. Here are some of the more popular events around Zurich.


You can be sure that our executive Mercedes e class chauffeur service zurich.

Different Locations

Did you think for a minute that we were only located in Zurich? Well, think again! Our service goes beyond Zurich to everywhere in Switzerland. Here are some cities you will find our services.

By hiring any of our vehicles, you get an opportunity to enjoy the thrills, privacy, and a lot of other perks that come with high-quality luxury. The amazing thing is that you will get all these at very friendly prices too.

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